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Og Kush seeds for sale

Og Kush Seeds

OG Kush seeds have been around since the 80's when marijuana was getting some serious attention. So many hybrids came from OG Kush its a must have when it comes to cannabis. Patients love this strain for its hard hitting THC. It is mostly a sativa hybrid giving you as burst of euphoria at a instant to help with anxiety or depression. The taste of OG is a potent and danky. Just like the smell when you first break the nug. Buds/flowers will be dense in clusters but breaks up in bigger clumps compared to other dense nugs that fall to keef. Medical patients find strains like this to be best rolled up for a great experience. OG kush can also help treat headaches, apatite, insomnia and nausea. Get your first batch of OG kush seeds today! Get Seed Prices

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