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Kush seeds for sale

Kush Seeds

Kush is a fluffy type of bud that is great to roll up for some patients. This strain in particular is hugely popular with tons of growers an patients. Kush seeds can be a bit of a "creeper" high. At first you might not feel much but after a few minutes your buzz comes in with a punch. This strain has been known to help those suffering from ADHD or ADD in many cases. Headaches are also a big relaxer for this hard hitter. The plant pictures on this page represent Hindu Kush. These are the original Kush plant, named after the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

To buy Hindu Kush seeds, click the "Buy Kush Seeds" link below. Or, you can browse the many different kush strains we have listed in the left column. Get Seed Prices

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