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Ak47 seeds for sale

Ak47 Seeds

Then name of this strain is kinda scary but it does pack a bang hence the name and where its ancestors comes from. Ak47 has been smoked for many years. The bud when fully matured has bright orange molasses like hairs. Yes that real sticky icky. AK47 is a astounding strain that thousands of patients have grown and also used. This seed has many medical properties it can bring to the table. Reducing pain and aches in the back, head, shoulders and hands. With the great low prices seed agents can hook you up with, its a no brainer to have this strain in your cart!

See how many Cannbis Cups AK47 has taken home!:

  • 1994 Cannabis Cup - Hydro (second)
  • 1994 Cannabis Cup - Overall (third)
  • 1996 Cannabis Cup - Hydro (third)
  • 1999 Cannabis Cup - Sativa (second)
  • 2003 Cannabis Cup - Indica (second)
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