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Lemon skunk is a well balanced hybrid strain both for relaxing and for getting your day started. Many medical patients come to seed agents every month just to stock up on lemon skunk seeds. This strain offers a strong sour lemon smell over its dank undertone. Just the smell can give you a sour face. But when smoked patients will notice its smooth an fruity topped with a dab like dankness. Get your hands on lemon skunk seeds before everyone else does. The buds become extremely juicy with a frothy coat of trichomes all over. So good looking patients don't even wanna smoke them. Lemon skunk can be used to treat a number of things such as gaining a apatite, sleeping and of course dulling pain. Get some today we offer swift delivery. Also don't be fooled by our packaging its only disguised to make sure your seeds get to you. No greedy hands will get your seeds!

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